From After the Fact?: The Truth About Fake News (2020) by Marcus Gilroy-Ware:

Intolerable boredom, loneliness, precariousness and the disappearance of the future that is endemic to postmodernism, combined with a heavy emphasis on aspiration reduced to increasingly economistic terms, all produced widespread malaise that is hard to describe in specific terms for those that suffer it but is often demotivating or debilitating. The result is that we try to compensate, through the trappings of consumerism that have arisen to sell compensatory pleasure itself ā€“ the most obvious being the soaring popularity of delivery food, the seeming addictiveness of social media or gaming, or the quiet success of the sugar industry.


8 thoughts on “Coping

    • The ones where I don’t have to wear pants.

      Speaking of which, I’ve been watching the miniseries Years and Years on Fraggle’s recommendation and quite enjoying it. Just watched episode 4 and a character in his underwear says “I only have me pants on.” Is “pants” understood in the UK to only refer to underwear? So what we call pants are what? Trousers?


      • Glad you brought this up. Booky and I have discussed this. Pants are your underwear. Trousers are what you wear on your legs and crotchal area. Booky was always going on about issues concerning his pants, but I had to correct him; he means trousers, because your pants are your Y Fronts or your boxers.


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