For a couple of decades now I’ve been saying that one of the things Canadian writers really do a good job on is true crime. Some early examples that stand out for me are Kirk Makin’s Redrum the Innocent (1992) on the Guy Paul Morin fiasco and (less well known, but a damn good read) Bill Schiller’s A Hand in the Water (1998) on the Albert Johnson Walker case. Both are still worth reading today.

Another crime writer I’ve enjoyed over the last few years has been Peter Vronsky, author of several books now on serial killers. He has a new one out on American Serial Killers: The Epidemic Years 1950-2000 that I’ve just posted some thoughts on at Goodreports. Also, available at the Canadian Notes & Queries website, is my joint review of two other new offerings: Justin Ling’s Missing from the Village (about the Bruce McArthur killings and their investigation) and Silver Donald Cameron’s Blood in the Water (about the murder of a small-town bad boy by some angry lobster fishermen). Both are instructive takes on crime and community, and Cameron’s book in particular really transcends the genre into a deeper meditation on justice.

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