Fox and friends

The decks behind the units in my condo complex have, over the years, been home to many unpleasant burrowing creatures like groundhogs and skunks. Except for under my deck, where I have built an impermeable stone wall where the deck adjoins the cement slab of the back porch that the critters like to dig under. That was a long battle, but I finally defeated their digging projects.

I don’t like groundhogs. I even shot them as a kid. I like skunks even less because the stink just gets everywhere. If they spray nearby you have it in your house for days. So I was happy a couple of years ago when a family of foxes moved in and took over these ready-made dens. No more rabbits. Only a few groundhog sightings. But you can see the fox family out playing every morning and again at twilight. They are bold and very cute. Here’s one of the adults (not sure if it’s male or female) while you can make out a few of the kits hanging out under the edge of a deck close to me. I’ll try and get some better pics, as they are quite photogenic.

See here for an earlier wildlife sighting in my neighbourhood.


26 thoughts on “Fox and friends

    • Yeah, the rabies walk is kind of scary. If they keep down the skunk population it’s a net plus, though I don’t know if they actually mess with skunks that much. I’ve seen skunks back down foxes before. I know they’re responsible for the rabbits totally disappearing.

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