Man and Trump and God

Holding a book he’d never read, standing before a building he’d never been in.

Over at Good Reports I’ve added an omnibus review of a bunch of a books on evangelical support for Donald Trump. Much of the Trump phenomenon is meant to generate outrage, but the support of the religious Right or Christian nationalist movement is probably the most outrageous thing about it of all.

It’s hard to imagine Trump coming back, but as of this writing he’s still the frontrunner to be the Republican standard bearer in 2024. The rot in the American body politic goes deep. What’s worse is that it’s hard to see how the conditions that gave rise to Trump are going to improve anytime soon. I may be reviewing more books like this again in another couple of years.


4 thoughts on “Man and Trump and God

  1. It’s always been a central tenet of law enforcement to let the subject run. Trump’s mistimed run for office will flush out those who are loyal to his corrupt cause. So while he may be the Republican front runner, he’s not winning anything, and it’s beginning to look like he never did. Best to keep the history writing until all this is over, but for now, the existence of Trump will ensure the Dems rule the US for years if not decades to come.


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