Worse than I thought

In my previous post on the 2022 Ontario provincial election I mentioned that preliminary reports had it that voter turnout had dropped below 50%, after a high of 58% in 2018. Well, more information has come in and it was actually worse than that. At a shocking 43.03% (according to early data) 2022 marked the lowest voter turnout in provincial history, going back to Confederation. It was almost a full 5% lower than the previous record low, which was set in 2011.

5 thoughts on “Worse than I thought

    • Turnout attracted a lot of tut-tutting from the commentariat this time. One thing people don’t talk enough about though is the even worse turnout for municipal elections. In some counties and cities you might be lucky to get up to 30%. And those guys on council have a lot more direct impact on people’s lives than some backbencher who does nothing in parliament.


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