Double feature

Richard and Clint, plotting their next move.

A book-movie double bill today, with notes on Where Eagles Dare up at Alex on Film and a brief review of Geoff Dyer’s commentary on it, “Broadsword Calling Danny Boy,” at Goodreports. Both well worth checking out. They made me wonder though how much of the interest in Where Eagles Dare today is driven by nostalgia. Not for the Second World War, but its place in the cultural imagination, particularly of boys in the 1960s and ’70s. And whether that’s a kind of popularity likely to last. If so, I think it will have to change into something else.

5 thoughts on “Double feature

  1. Phil was 10 when he saw it first along with a lot of what is now nostalgic stuff. It’s all very ‘Boy’s Own’ but it set him on the road into deeper history, not just WW2 but world history, so there’s a lot of affection here for these types of movies.

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