Maigret: Maigret and the Dead Girl

A Jane Doe is found dead on the streets of Paris. It’s on Lognon’s beat but Maigret takes an interest. The Eeyore of the Paris police can never catch a break.

Not one of the better Maigret novels. The victim’s back story is unnecessarily exotic and the resolution is abrupt and kind of ridiculous. I did like the introduction of a leitmotif of old ladies looking for young female companionship in the middle section, even though nothing much is done with it. I remember when I was a kid there would still be older women advertising for female companions to take with them to Europe and other destinations. I’m not sure that sort of thing still happens anymore. It seems like something out of the world of Agatha Christie. In this book it comes across as decadent and almost predatory behaviour. But then the same sort of power imbalance is reflected in the dead girl’s one Paris friendship as well. Before she even got to the mean streets of the big city she was already a victim several times over. There are few things as sad as a life that’s caught in a rut. They never end well.

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