Top dog

The winner of Best in Show at this year’s Westminster Kennel Club’s Dog Show is a Pekingese named Wasabi. Here it is.

I love most dogs. I used to love all dogs, but as I’ve gotten older my lukewarm feelings toward small dogs has turned into a more active dislike. I don’t like toy dogs that people carry in their handbags. I don’t like the ones with pushed-in faces either, which apparently became such a problem with the Pekingese that breeders had to address it. Not having a nose leads to breathing problems (who knew?) which makes them suffer in both cold and hot weather. Apparently it’s not advisable to leave these dogs outside for any period of time. So is this even a dog?

Oh well, I really only wanted to post something about this because it gives me a chance to show a picture of a true doggy champion, Westminster’s 2004 Best in Show winner. Way to go, Josh! You’re still the best in my book.

2 thoughts on “Top dog

    • There’s more of him to love! And Newfs are all about the love. The other thing is definitely Tribble-like. I’d be afraid of stepping on it, especially as it doesn’t seem to be very nimble or likely to get out of the way.

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