A nagging injury has led to my catching up on a backlog of notes I’d made on some older books. One of these was The Only Average Guy, a book about Rob Ford’s political career by John Filion, who sat on Toronto City Councilor during many of these years.

I reviewed Filion’s book when it first came out but two subsequent events made me want to go back and write something more on the subject, which I’ve done in a new review over at Goodreports.

The first was the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States (something I first wrote about here). In the lead-up to that astonishing event, and for a while after, there were many comparisons made between Trump and Ford.

The second event was the election of Rob’s brother Doug as premier of Ontario (which I initially responded to here). Like it or not, the family had established itself as a political dynasty.

The similarities between Trump and the Ford brothers are obvious: media-friendly blowhards who ran as right-wing populists. Are there deeper connections though? Not only between the personalities involved but the electorates? This is a subject that I think could still use some further investigation.

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