Burgess on page and screen

Over at  Alex on Film I’ve posted my notes on the 2014 film Hellmouth, which was written by the lyric-surrealist horror maestro Tony Burgess. I thought Hellmouth looked great, but it wasn’t a strong story (and had nothing to do with The Hellmouths of Bewdley, Burgess’s first story collection).

Over the years I’ve reviewed a bunch of Burgess’s stuff, most of which I like a lot. I think he’s one of a handful of writers whose reputation  will last, mainly on the basis of books like Pontypool Changes Everything (loosely adapted into the film Pontypool), People Live Still at Cashtown Corners, and Ravenna Gets. Also under review is the bizarre YA meta-novel Idaho Winter, a Burgessian vision of the apocalypse in The n-Body Problem, and the Civil War zombie flick Exit Humanity (included because Burgess has a cameo).

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